Container Filters

FTS Container Filters are a patented, economical, single-step method for separating and dewatering sludge, slurries and waste streams. Multiple models and styles are available.

Sludge Mate

The Sludge Mate Container Filter uses polymer injection to effectively dewater almost any type of sludge.


Polymate Poymer Injection Systems are used for either liquid and dry polymer mixing and injection.

Oil Water Separator

Flo Trend Systems' Phase 3 Oil / Water Separator uses coalescing tubes for optimum separation of oil from water.

Jet Shear II

Jet Shear II is a mixing technology that utilizes hydraulic shearing to effectively and efficiently mix dry materials with liquids; as well as blend, emulsify and stabilize liquid/liquid phases.

Power Pak Filter Press

The Power Pak Filter Press is used in pressure filtration by pumping fluids through a center feed into fixed vertical plates (surrounded by filter media).

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