Flo Trend has been a leader in filtration, liquid/solids separation, oil/water separation and mixing for over 35 years. We offer a wide range of products to an extensive customer base in the municipal, industrial and oil and gas sectors.

Popular Products


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Industries We Serve

Industry-leading solutions for the energy sector.

  • Chemical mixing of dry polymer and other additives with liquids
  • Heavyweight mud and salt water mixing
  • Completion fluid filtration and filter press packages
  • Mud tank mixers
  • Drilling solids control equipment
  • Rig cleanup
  • Oil spill response equipment

Industrial and Construction

Custom-engineered equipment for every industry.

  • Dewatering applications
  • Mixing applications
  • Filtration applications
  • Oil water separation
  • Oil skimming
  • Mud cleaning applications
  • Mud conditioning and mixing applications

Municipal and Liquid Hauling

Cost-effective and timely solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Digestor sludge, alum sludge
  • Grit, screenings, grease, catch basin waste, storm water
  • Dewatering of septic tank and grease trap waste
  • Dewatering of fly ash